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Vuln Voyager is your premier PTaaS (Pentesting as a Service) platform, providing tailored, on-demand penetration testing to pinpoint and rectify vulnerabilities in your digital infrastructure. Embrace the power of cloud-based PTaaS, offering businesses a flexible subscription model for top-tier cybersecurity services. Customize your security needs and fortify your defenses with Vuln Voyager. Elevate your cybersecurity game and ensure robust protection against threats.

780+ Pentest reports delivered by our team

PTaaS offerings for all businesses, ensuring tailored security insights and proactive vulnerability management

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Tailored Testing

We provide bespoke penetration tests tailored to your needs, enabling rapid risk detection and mitigation according to your preferred timeline.

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Quality Assurance

We employ OWASP (for web vulnerabilities) & MITRE (for threat tactics) standards, tailoring tests to ensure top-tier quality & unmatched value.

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Our tailored, customer-centric approach ensures that our testing aligns with your unique requirements, delivering a seamless experience on your schedule.

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Cost Effective

Accessible to all businesses, our cloud solution offers advanced security testing without the need for costly infrastructure or in-house experts.

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Secure your company with Vuln Voyagers Services

Discover the benefits of Vuln Voyagers on-demand penetration testing. View testing results in real time, streamline project management, manage your attack surface, prioritize remediation, and more with our cloud-native technology platforms.

Vuln Voyager PTaaS
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Athenticated Pentesting

Experience inner security. Our Authenticated Penetration Testing acts as a privileged user, uncovering vulnerabilities within. Bolster your internal safeguards to greatly improve your resistance to external risks.

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Unauthenticated Pentesting

View your security through the eyes of an attacker. Our Unauthenticated Penetration Testing evaluates your defenses from the viewpoint of an external threat, strengthening your protections in their most vulnerable areas.

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Automated Pentesting

Boost your security with targeted precision. Our Automated Penetration Testing offers a comprehensive security assessment, leveraging sophisticated technology to swiftly pinpoint and tackle vulnerabilities.

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We excel in penetration testing and security solutions centered on compliance, aligning with key regulatory standards like SOC 2, ISO, and beyond. Our seasoned professionals guarantee your security protocols stand unmatched.
ISO 27001

A globally recognized standard for information security management, ensuring data protection and risk management best practices.


Comprehensive evaluation ensuring regulatory adherence and identifying security vulnerabilities, fortifying your digital defenses.


A benchmark for web application security, offering detailed guidelines to ensure robust protection against modern cyber threats.


A stringent standard safeguarding payment card data, ensuring secure transactions and protecting businesses from financial cyber threats.

AWS Cloud Security

Amazon's robust framework for safeguarding cloud-based assets, ensuring data integrity, privacy, and resilience against threats.

Web Application Security

Essential protocols and practices to shield web apps from threats, ensuring user data protection and uninterrupted service delivery.

Active Directory and LDAP

Core systems for identity management, ensuring secure user authentication, access control, and streamlined organizational ops.

Mobile Application Security

Strategies and tools to protect mobile apps from threats, ensuring user data safety and maintaining app integrity.

Network Security

A multi-layered defense strategy safeguarding data, devices, and infrastructure from threats, ensuring uninterrupted and safe connectivity.

API Security

Essential measures to protect application interfaces from breaches, ensuring data integrity, privacy, and seamless app-to-app communication.

Server and Architecture Security

Robust safeguards for server ecosystems, ensuring data protection, system uptime, and resilient infrastructure design.

Thick/Thin Client Security

Tailored defenses for both robust desktops and lightweight terminals, ensuring user data safety and system integrity.

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